I'm trash

Sirio, early 20s, enby, ey/em.

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firefox users drop by like 1-2% every year and chrome keeps getting bigger

stop using chrome already, theyre selling all your data

you deserveee better

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can i get a uhhhhhhh b u r g e r

text from here

drawing skeksis is fun, but their clothes? i can't draw clothes on a human, come on.

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Art doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to exist

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Chibi commission for @/xPomPasteque from @/AzurSakura on twitter!

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autistic communication - tag yourself meme

stella lied, also made this stella is blue/yellow ... hehe

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An Anonymous user asked:

Hey Thell, how can we be as cool and talented as you?

thelldev -

You already are.

I remember seeing something along the lines of "thell is so talented wtf" in the tags the other day but I wanna go over this and tell you what's what SO HERE WE FUCKING GO EH (I'm ignoring the basic stuff like eat well, do exercise, have water etc)

First, I'm only good at this because it's my passion. I like programming. I get a buzz when I figure out a problem in my projects. It feels good to solve it! If you have that kind of mentality you're gonna go far.

Second, you ARE talented. Everyone has an interest or something they're good at. Take me. give me some motors and silicone and I'll have half-programmed a robot wife by mid-afternoon. A friend of mine on the other hand gets a blank stare whenever I start talking about RAM or buffer overflows. But give her a makeup brush and some scissors and she'll make you look damn fucking good. Give me a pair of scissors, and somebody in the room is taking a trip to A&E. The point I'm trying to make there is that you don't have to be good at the same stuff as other people. Be good at what you enjoy, that's the important bit. And for the love of god, don't be afraid to say "I don't know this" or "I've forgotten". You think I coded this site entirely from memory? Fuck no, I googled a hell of a lot of stuff. I googled the same thing 6 times in one day because I kept forgetting. To quote Tom Scott:

"Did I know all that code off by heart? No, of course not, I Googled... and adapted some of the results. This is how basically how everyone codes stuff like that. Don't ever be afraid that you're not a real programmer because you still look stuff up. The important part about programming is not remembering exact words or syntax: it is breaking down a problem, working out how to solve it, and then fixing all the inevitable bugs in your solution. It's about holding lots of complicated connections in your head, not the exact magic words that you need this one time. I still forget which order to put basic stuff in sometimes."

Since I started thinking like that I've been a much less frustrated person. It doesn't apply only to programming either! Art. Which colours do you do stuff in to get the shade you want? Cooking. Which spice? How much? Literally anything. Experts forget and need reminders, it's why they take notes and write books. And Google stuff.

Third, and now we're getting into science and psychology shit. Do more than one thing. Seriously, just like, sit down with a newspaper and do the sudoku while you wait for dinner or something. There's something called neuroplasticity where your brain goes "Oh! I'm not very good at this thing" and physically builds the pathways to MAKE you good at it if you keep doing it. Literally, practice makes perfect. You have a passive interest in something? Start learning it. Transferrable skills are a thing, doing something can improve your brain's abilities in related areas because your brain is fucking smart. If you want my recommendations. Learning a new language and learning to draw are EXCELLENT things to start doing, they give you a massive mental workout. My language recommendation (for westerners at least) would be Japanese - the writing system is different enough that you'll be flexing a lot, and it's a great language anyway. Go grab the Genki books if your local library has them. Oh yeah, read a lot too. Scientifically proven to improve neuroplasticity.

Fourth, projects. Have some. Whether its in your area of expertise or not, if it's something you think might be fun to do, just go right ahead and do it. I find having more than one on the go helps - that way if you run into a budget issue or a problem and need to break from one for a bit, you have other stuff to work on. I spent 6 months trying to figure out a problem in one of my game projects and inspiration struck yesterday. Variation is key. Obviously you probably don't want to take on quite as many projects as me, but just having a few is great! Never settle. There's always something new you can learn, and improvements to be made. Try something out, learn a new skill! I bought the Bob Ross paint kit recently so I can learn to paint. In the meantime, I've mixed together a simulant of Martian soil to see if I can get plants to grow in it and what works best. And then I have my programming stuff. Three completely different areas, all equally as interesting to me.

Fifth, but just a little one - either tend your garden if you have one, or grab some houseplants. They add a little splash of colour to the room, and they even do a little for your mental health too.

Sixth - learn. Learn. Learn learn learn. If you think you're dumb, doesn't matter. Learn. Sign up to Brilliant. Sign up to SkillShare. Sign up to Khan Academy. Learn shit. You will be surprised at what good instruction can help you pick up that you didn't at school.

I promise you that you are all equally if not more talented than I am, you just have your own areas.

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source: gerardmoaning.tumblr.com

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this reads like an npc warning you away from the place you need to go at the start of a game

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i don't really want to turn my country into a meme but i gotta admit the last sentence has this sort of a vibe

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> opens russian fanfiction website for the first time in years

> searches a dead fandom

> sees own username

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  • OwO?! OwO?!!

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sometimes you just gotta turn your hand into a paw and wait for someone to be impressed with it


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awww yeeah babushka babooooshka baboooooooska yaya

@picrewing diverse picrew herepretty sure it was here already but still

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take me to yr christmas party

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OwO, are we making our OCs here? :3c

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how are we feelin for twenty twen-T

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ready to trans your gender

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I need more active people to follow so repour if you're an active blog!

@mcatnip, draw your OCs with Cursed™ expressions?

mcatnip asked:

🎩in their best clothes :3c

Aw yeah, the Red Shiny Dress.

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Whaddup I threw together another ask meme game! This one is


👫and their best friend

👩‍❤️‍👩and their significant other

👙at the beach

🧣ready for winter

🍁in a seasonal setting


🛌in the setting of a weird dream

☔️caught in the rain

🍳attempting cooking

🥂on a date

⚽️playing a sport

🎇watching fireworks

👨‍👨‍👧if they had a kid with another OC (doesn’t have to be canon!)

🧬as another species

👶when they were a kid

🎩in their best clothes

🎁reaction to getting a gift

💌giving (or receiving) a love letter

🗝and a secret they keep


💎and their most valued possession

📸in the worst photo that’s ever been taken of them

🦸‍♀️as a super hero or super villain

🏝on a deserted island (bonus: with the person they hate most)

👀sharing some hot gossip

✈️and their reaction to flying

🚎squished into an overcrowded bus/train/tram

🎲taking a chance at something they usually put off

🎧singing or listening to their favourite song

🔥furious at something

🐾and their pet (or most likely pet, if they don’t have one)

👑as royalty

🧞‍♂️and the 3 things they’d wish for

🧙‍♂️as their own DND character (if they don’t have one, as whatever character they would most likely make first time playing DND)

witchesflower asked:

☕️ thoughts on tea?

*sips tea* Well... I like it. Earl Grey and mint tea are my favorites! Right now I'm drinking green tea with citrus and I think I'm going to have one or two more cups. This is my second one this evening. Yeah. It's hard to stop me when I get my hands on drinks.

<ul class="iw-contextMenu iw-created iw-cm-menu" id="iw-contextMenu2007"><li class="iw-has-submenu iw-mTrigger" title="">Добавить в Словарь<div class="iw-cm-arrow-right"> <ul class="iw-contextMenu iw-created iw-cm-menu" id="iw-contextMenu6253"><li class="iw-mDisable" title="">Новый список слов для Английский -> Русский...<div class="iw-mOverlay"> <li class="t-1" title="">Создать новый список слов...<li class="t-1" title="">Копировать

Send me a ☕️ and a topic and I’ll talk about how I feel about it

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None gender left boy

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Wait, this isn't "none gender left, boy", it's "none gender, left boy"?! It took me several hours. Mood anyways tho.

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reasons to play Oxygen Not Included: them

@mcatnip, what if we were trolls and had a summer wedding surrounded by our OCs?.. Ha-ha, jk... Unless?.. Base.

@mcatnip, do this meme :3

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tiddywife asked:

💕are you yearning? if so, for whom? and why? 🎹can you play an instrument? if so, what instrument?

mcatnip -

💕 i yearn for my wonderful datefriend Sirio, who DARES to live in another city :'(

🎹 it doesn't really work in english, but in russia we "play on someone's nerves" and that's the only instrument i ever played